In W122, our March/April 2017 issue - in leading UK newsagents from 23 February – you will find….


Watercraft 122

• la SEMAINE du GOLFE – Eight fleets of craft, from tiddlers to tall ships,  gather for a week of cruises and camaraderie in Brittany.   click to see

ALL PLAY & NO WORK – In Cornwall’s past, they were workaday rowing boats: now they are being built for serious competition.  click to see

• SKOL AR MOR – Our series on learning the skills continues at an idyllic multi-lingual boatbuilding school – also in Brittany. click to see

• BUILDING YOUR OWN 14’ (4.3m) ROWING PRAM – Paul Gartside sends full plans for an easily built ‘maid of all work’. click to see

• BUILDING THE LILI - 7 – Jean-Yves Poirier fits the ‘double bottom’ buoyancy and ballast tanks of his lightweight raid boat. click to see

• A SIMPLE BOAT That's how Julian Wolfram describes to Nigel Sharp the custom trailer-sailer he designed and built himself.
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TWO OF A KIND – Both using strip plank for the first time, Jenny built her own canoe while her dad Bill built himself a rowing skiff. click to see

AND… In Grand Designs, John C Harris of Chesapeake Light Craft presents the Skerry dayboat and Paul Fisher o Selway-Fisher Design introduces the Mandarin rowing skiffs: Cant & Si Holman make a ditty bag and Dick Phillips reports on new boats at the BBA's Launch Day..