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• THE BEST OF TIMES…in uncertain times: Kathy Mansfield and friends look back at June’s Beale Park Boat & Outdoor Show click to see

STILL RACING AFTER ALL THESE YEARS –Nigel Sharp celebrates the 120th birthday of Falmouth Working Boat Evelyn click to see

SAILING WITH THE PUNTERS – Kathy Mansfield joins a special weekend for sail-and-oar craft on the canals of the Netherlands... click to see

• BUILD YOUR OWN PLYWOOD PEAPOD – Designer Paul Gartside keeps it simpler with full plans for mirror-ended double-ender... click to see

BUILDING THE LILI – Jean-Yves Poirier’s kit-built raid boat really start to shine as he begins finishing the finish... click to see

• PHOENIX 3: SQUARING THE CIRCLE – Fun to sail yet easy to handle ashore; Marc Fovargue-Davies on the Ross Lillistone skiff... click to see

• WHAT PHOENIX TAUGHT ME – First-time home builder Jonathan Parsons does the necessary homework before testing his skills... click to see

• NOT FORGETTING… ABBA and the CCC at Beale Park, of course; designer Dudley Dix offers plans and kits for his proven Cape Cutter 19 in plywood; Colin Henwood credits the crafts-people with complementary skills; SimonHolman has complimentary CNC-cutting files for a portable tool chest…