Our publishing schedule dictates 2021 begins on 17 December!
– when our new January/February issue goes
on sale. With it we wish you a Happier New Year


• ENCORE? – With so many events cancelled, Kathy Mansfield remains hopeful May’s Semaine du Golfe can still go ahead: click to see

SLIPPERY LAUNCHES – Longer, leaner, lighter, faster… Nigel Iren’s designs may be the shape of boats to come, says Simon Holman: click to see

BUILD YOUR OWN 14’ (4.3m) SAILNG SKIFF – Paul Gartside starts ‘21 with a spring project: a delightful double-ender: click to see

FROM LOCKDOWN TO LAUNCHING – It’s not a long, long time from March to October but they did it, reports Kathy Mansfield: click to see

LILI’S SAILSAs sophisticated as the rest of Jean-Yves Poirier’s CNC-cut kit-built lightweight raid boat: click to see

THE SHOCK OF THE OLD – Fancy a stick without all that string? Moray MacPhail does the maths on unstayed masts: click to see

• TAKING OFF THE LINES – For a half-model or a future replica, Andrew Wolstenholme records the shape of that special boat: click to see

• PLUS... • Colin Henwood on something nice in the woodpile • Jerry Eardley makes the spars for his cruising gaffer • Reviews: the editor meets the new Bosch; same as the old Bosch? •  Ellen Massey-Leonard’s nesting dinghy • Ian Nicolson on stronger mooring points • BBA’s later Launch Day • And in Grand Designs, Andrew Wolstenholme introduces his new Gentleman’s Launch.