In W116, our March/April 2016 issue - in leading UK newsagents from 25 February – you will find….


• SEAFAIR – It’s the Welsh counterpart of Brittany’s Semaine du Golfe, writes Tony Langmead; not as large but just as welcoming. click to see

•THE GLORIOUS H-12 – Designed by Nathanael Herreshoff in 1914 and now more popular than ever, says Kathy Mansfield.  click to see

• BUILD YOUR OWN POCKET GAFFER: A scow hull means more space and an easier build with Paul Gartside’s latest free design. click to see

• HOW WE BUILT OUR HAVEN-12:  Almost identical to the H-12 above the LWL but with a centreboard beneath it, says C Daniel Smith. click to see

• SAILING TOM’S VIKING BOAT:  A miniature longship in modern materials built by one of Dick Phillips’ boatbuilding students. click to see

• HOME FROM HOME: Water Craft’s Kate describes how her boatbuilder husband James Baker built their new liveaboard – in 2 years! click to see

• PLUS: Nigel Martin explains how he built his pocket gaffer; the editor attempts to explain why he still hasn’t built his; Marlinspike Sailors Simon and Cat Holman are on a roll; designers Mark Smaalders and Paul Fisher offer their easier-to-build Grand Designs and Ian Nicolson considers comforts afloat.

Cordless Canoes: The Director’s Cut. click to see


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