Not as royally edited as Vogue but our ‘September issue’ lasts to the end of October. It’s in the mail to subscribers on 16 August and in it they – and you – will find…







• la SEMAINE du GOLFE must be the biggest small boat raid in the world.  And the most welcoming, writes Kathy: click to see

WITH THE WOODEN BOATS IN IRELAND – Kate Baker’s liveaboard Lively joins the gathering of traditional craft in Baltimore: click to see

BUILD YOUR OWN 16’ (4.9m) POCKET GAFFER – Designer Paul Gartside sends full plans with offsets for his updated Oysterman: click to see

• BUILDING A COLD-MOULDED CUTTER – Another Gartside design, this one built by amateur John Levell – who hates fairing: click to see

SHEATHING A BARE HULL – Building his own wooden cruising yacht, Jerry Eardley reaches the messy stage: click to see

SPARS, RUDDER & CENTREPLATE – Julian Wolfram fits out his home designed and built pocket cruiser: click to see

• GRAND DESIGNS – Two American designs to get you building this winter:  Dave Gentry’s Light Melonseed skiff & Sam Devlin’s lobster boat: click to see

• NOT FORGETTING… Cat and Si Holman meet crab pot craftsman Nigel Legge • Colin Henwood trains the snuggledog, a very rare breed • Ian Nicolson helps you aboard • Four legs good: the editor tests the PlanKform and a low-slung jigsaw.