In W117, our May/June 2016 issue - in leading UK newsagents from 28 April – you will find….

• GREAT BRETON FESTIVALS – Every 4 years the trad boat gatherings in Brest and Douarnenez coincide… and this is the year. click to see

•WHAT’S THE POINT OF TRAILER-SAILERS? – asks Andrew Wolstenholme who has designed several appealing examples himself.  click to see

• BUILD YOUR OWN TRAILABLE HOUSEBOAT – More boat than house but space enough for home comforts in Paul Gartside’s free design. click to see

• HOW WE BUILT OUR HAVEN 12 – C Daniel Smith continues his ‘build in pictures’ of a classic American daysailer. click to see

• JEWELL  –  Building their Francois Vivier trailer-sailer was a real family project for Heather, Chris, James, Elaine and Rob Green. click to see

• BUILDING THE LILI – 3: Jean-Yves Poirier’s home-designed kit for his Gilles Montaubin Raid Boat is beginning to come together. click to see

• SHIP SHAPES New ways for taking the lines off old boats with Cat and Simon Holman. click to see

• PLUS: Cat and Si have another project in their series for Marlinspike Sailors; Canadian designer Tad Roberts introduces Pogy, his mini motor-sailer; naval architect Ian Nicolson discusses crew safety on deck; and of course, we look forward to the BEALE PARK BOAT & OUTDOOR SHOW, 3-5 June

Cordless Canoes: The Director’s Cut. click to see


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