In W119, our September/October 2016 issue - in UK newsagents from 25 August - you will find….



• OUR TRIP TO THE BOAT SHOW – Heather Green, our youngest reporter, sees the Beale Park Boat Show with fresh eyes. click to see

BOATBUILDING ON THE BEACH – Visiting the boatbuilding schools, Dick Phillips has an easy stroll to the BBA in Lyme Regis.   click to see

• WATERFLY – The International 12 sailing dinghy is better known in Europe than the UK – except in Wales where it’s the Insect class. click to see

• BUILD YOUR OWN SCHOONER – How she schoons!’, they used to say. As will you when you see Paul Gartside’s latest free plans. click to see

• THE NEAR-DEMISE OF THE ORKNEY YOLE   – And how this northern workboat reappeared at September’s Southampton Boat Show. click to see

• HERE COMES SUMMER: Professional boatbuilder John Owles builds a clinker plywood lugger his family can sail into the autumn. click to see

• ONE FOR THE BUOYS And the need to get around them becomes as important as speed in our 2016 Cordless Canoe Challenges. click to see

AND… In our Amateur Boat Building Awards, the entries just get better and bigger; Cat and Si Holman make their own soft shackles; Good companions with designer Ian Nicolson; and wooden boatbuilder Ryan Kearley joins the Marine Conservation Society’s annual beach clean-up by kayak around Cornwall’s Isles of Scilly.